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You've got questions, we've got answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the difference between booking my wedding at your store vs. ordering from an online retailer?

A:  We strongly advise against booking your wedding through an online retailer for many reasons. Most importantly, we tell     

      anyone considering those websites to be aware of the lack of expert advice that online retailers simply can't provide and the

      issues that arise with shipping. We unfortunately have gotten calls from couples that chose to book through an online

      retailer, only to find out a few weeks before their wedding that their orders cannot be fulfilled. Fortunately, we were able to

      help them because we stock all of our inventory.

      During our consultations, we provide information regarding the proper color matching for Bride's wedding gowns, proper fits

      of suits, or what recommendations regarding your wedding venue, to assist you with making a well informed decision for your

      wedding day. That is information that an online retailer simply cannot provide. 

Q: How long in advance should we book our wedding?

A:  You should book your wedding at least 6 - 7 months prior to your wedding date. Depending on whether you would like               to rent or purchase, the amount of time could vary. We recommend calling us to discuss the appropriate time frame for                 your specific needs.

Q. What is the difference between a Tuxedo and a Suit?

​A.  The main difference between a tuxedo and a suit is whether or not there is satin on the lapel/side of pant. A tuxedo has              satin on the lapel of the coat and the buttons have satin on them as well. If the tuxedo is black there will be a satin stripe              down the side of each pant leg. A suit does not have any satin on the coat or pant. 

Q. What types of fits do you offer?

A. We offer every type of fit that exists! Our most popular is the Slim Fit, but we do offer Ultra Slim, Modern & Traditional Fits .           During your consultation will explain all the fit options and discuss which you would prefer.

Q. Do you carry shirts to match all shades of wedding gowns?

A.  Yes! We carry bright white, diamond white, and ivory shirts to match any wedding gown.

Q. Can you accommodate all sizes/ages?

A. We carry items for all ages, genders, & sizes. Whether Big & Tall, Athletic builds, or Ultra Slim. We do carry                 tuxedos/suits for children starting at a size 3T.

Q. How and when does my wedding party get measured?

A.  You will be given a specific timeline for your wedding party to get measured when you book your wedding. 

Q. What if I have groomsmen out of the area?

A.  No problem at all, we work with out of area Groomsmen all the time! During your consultation, we will provide you with              our out of area measurement form. The Groomsmen simply go to any store near them and ask for "Courtesy Measurements".          They can call us with those measurements and we will assemble the tuxedo/suit for them. During the final try on process we          will be able to fix any issues if they were measured incorrectly.

Q. Can I measure myself for the tuxedo?

A. We do not recommend this. It may seem really simple to measure yourself for a tuxedo, but it’s important to know that they are       entirely different measurements than what you buy for regular clothes. Please make sure you get measured professionally.

Q. When does my wedding party try on & pickup their tuxedos/suits?

A.  The week of the wedding, each member of your wedding party must try on & pickup their outfit to make sure it fits perfectly.           If we need to make any last minute alterations, we do it right while they wait so they are able to take their outfit that day.

Q. What if something doesn't fit?

A.  That won't happen! With our onsite inventory and experienced Tailor, nothing leaves without fitting perfectly! During pickup,           you try the entire outfit on and we make any last minute alterations/switches right while you wait.

Q. What if my wedding is a destination wedding?

A.  We have worked with hundreds of destination weddings and can easily accommodate. Please be sure to let your consultant        know the dates for when you and your party will be gone during your consultation.

Q. Are there any Special Offers?

A. We do offer Special Offers for certain customers. Please visit our Special Offer section to learn more.


Q. Can I purchase a tuxedo/suit or is it only available for rent?

A.  We sell and rent both tuxedos or suits! Just ask your consultant which option makes most sense for you.

Q. Do you offer alterations on items not purchased through your store?

A. Yes we do, our tailor is on site! Please call ahead to verify that we can accommodate your needs.

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